Above you are viewing three  Women Warriors of a rare breed...Stacy Wright and Jayme Cloninger and Jr Black Belt Kaylan Callaway are three women that all fathers and Karate Instructors hope train and watch grow into confident and very strong spirited Godly Warriors. They are examples that all can learn from, they are first very respected Black Belts who will make a difference in our Dojo and the world . They are GOLD TOMOE WARRIOR AWARD holders and have the Heart of a Warrior. They are undefeated fighters in their classes, they make our Dojo shine and with winning the "ANGEL WITH A KICK AWARD" they are very special Black Belts. They are working on there leadership skills for the next 18 months and will become certified Instructors. The American Freestyle Karate Club and our system of  American Shorei/Shorin Karatedo  has once again promoted three of the best Women Warriors on planet earth.  Kaylan has a silver Tomoe warrior award and a Little dragon assistant Instructor.

Presently these Black belts are busy training the little dragons and making their Journey to Black belt the road to greatness.


           Stacy on Bed of nail..Fear Test.....Passed                                          Jayme on bed of nail.......Fear Test........Passed


 Angel with a Kick Awards...God Bless                                           Jayme "paying attention on" Broken & Sharp Glass......



  Stacy breaking Sharp Arrow with throat..OSU!!                      Jayme "Paying Attention" To Sanchin




Kaylan is our Female Jr Black belt and she was awesome.         She perform a Walk on Broken & Sharp Glass.... Passed.



                             Kaylan is an assistant Instructor in our Little dragon program.....Look for Great things from this awesome Lady!!NO FEAR!!